Introduction (Free Preview)

Course format

This course is organized into individual lessons covering the key topics to help you hone your communication skills, especially as it relates to client interactions.

I’ve organized the lessons and topics into these broader themes:

  • Principles of great communication
  • Communicating with clients through various points in a sales and project cycle
  • Conversational role play for situations you’ll likely encounter

I find that the best learning happens when information is presented in a variety of ways. To that end, the course is broken down into the following types of content:

Written Instruction – I like to read and scan, so you’ll find lots of written text with headers and bullets. This will allow you to scan pages and revisit things that you found important.

Videos – Some videos are from me and others are from quality resources around the web.

Downloads – I’ve included some inspirational downloads to help keep you focused on great communication with your clients.

Additional Resources – At the end of each lesson I’ll provide links to relevant articles and podcasts. These are designed to help you dig deeper into each topic or explore related topics.

External Tools – Throughout this course I’ll share some of my favorite business books and some tools that help me run my business. Some of these resources are free, some not. I also have an affiliate relationship with some of the tools I recommend. None of these tools are required for the completion of the course.

Ready? Let’s get to it!