Introduction (Free Preview)

As a service-based freelancer, you’re responsible for delivering certain documents to your customers at different points during in the project lifestyle.

At a minimum, you’ll need to provide customers with:

  • A quote for the work (up-front)
  • An invoice for the work (at completion)

Based on the complexity of the project you’ll likely want additional documents as well. These documents have legal consequences and are directly tied to your ability to make money, so it’s important to get them right!

We’re going to cover those documents in detail so that you understand what they involve and feel comfortable working with them. I know this stuff is kind of boring, but it’s important!

We’re also going to discuss other common legal issues you’ll come across, such as non-disclosure agreements, copyright laws, and using electronic signatures. Finally, should you need legal assistance, I’ll share some tips for finding the right help.

Course format

This course is organized into individual lessons covering the legal issues you’re most likely to encounter in your business.

I find that the best learning happens when information is presented in a variety of ways. To that end, the course is broken down into the following types of content:

Written Instruction – I like to read and scan, so you’ll find lots of written text with headers and bullets. This will allow you to scan pages and revisit things that you found important.

Audio/Videos – Audio material is from my podcast, OfficeHours.FM. Videos are from quality resources around the web.

Downloads – I’ve included some sample documents. They’re not intended for use as legal templates. They’re just examples!

Additional Resources – At the end of some lessons I’ll provide links to relevant articles and podcasts. These are designed to help you dig deeper into each topic or explore related topics.

External Tools – Throughout this course I’ll share some of my favorite business books and some tools that help me run my business. Some of these resources are free, some not. I also have an affiliate relationship with some of the tools I recommend. None of these tools are required for the completion of the course.

Ready? Let’s get to it!

The royal disclaimer

Here’s the deal. I’m a web developer, not a lawyer. That means my perspective is of someone who’s encountered the issues I discuss in this course, but I haven’t had a lick of official legal training. Therefore, the things I’m sharing in this course are not legal advice and should not be taken that way. Always consult your attorney.

I’m out to share my real-world experience and give you a heads up on things to look out for, not to function as your attorney. We good? We good.