Introduction (free preview)

Pretend we’re at a conference or a networking event and I ask, “Hey! So what is it you do?” Can you answer that question concisely, in a way that makes me curious to know more? Or will you make my eyes glaze over and wish I was anywhere else in the world…

No matter how talented you are at your craft, if you can’t clearly articulate what it is you do and who you serve, you’ll have a hard time selling.

In this course we’ll take a look at the following:

  • Your motivating factors (why)
  • Your service offerings (what)
  • Your ideal customers and projects (who)
  • Mapping your customers to your offerings (how)
  • Your sales platform (where)

I want you to think about building blocks. Maybe they’re Lego or maybe they’re some generic brand. I don’t care, so long as you think about building blocks. WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHY, and HOW are your building blocks. We’ll look at them individually and then experiment with piecing them together to create the basis of your marketing message.

Stacked Lego blocks

At the end of this course, you’ll know:

  • Where you want focus your efforts
  • What you offer to customers
  • What type of customers are the best match / most likely to do business with you
  • How to package your offerings so that customers can buy from you

We’re gonna get a little esoteric in this course and do some soul-searching. You may be rolling your eyes at me and thinking “I just want to learn to market my business, Carrie.” Roll your eyes all you want, but you cannot create an effective marketing message for your business until you can dial in your focus.

Let’s do this.

Course content

This course is organized into individual lessons covering the key topics to help you define your core focus and message.

I find that the best learning happens when information is presented in a variety of ways. To that end, the course is broken down into the following types of content:

Written Instruction – I like to read and scan, so you’ll find lots of written text with headers and bullets. This will allow you to scan pages and revisit things that you found important.

Videos – Some videos are from me and others are from quality resources around the web.

Downloads – Most lessons in this course require some follow-up action on your part. I’ve provided downloadable worksheets to help you stay on track and get the right things done.

Additional Resources – At the end of each lesson I’ll provide links to relevant articles and podcasts. These are designed to help you dig deeper into each topic or explore related topics.

External Tools – Throughout this course I’ll share some of my favorite business books and some tools that I use in my business. Some of these resources are free, some not. I also have an affiliate relationship with some of the tools I recommend. None of these tools are required for the completion of the course.

Ready? Let’s get to it!