Digital Marketing Kitchen

Find, Connect, and Grow With Your Tribe

Cory and Rebecca make business owners’ lives awesome by helping them find, connect, and communicate with their tribes through SEO, content, and email marketing.

Come into the Digital Marketing Kitchen and they’ll teach you their proven process for driving digital marketing success.

They use over a decade of real-world experience to teach you how to be successful in search, content marketing, and email lead generation. You’ll learn what they focused on, what they did, and how it helped them create profitable and sustainable businesses that were grown through their digital marketing efforts.

  • 8 Course Meal on Digital Marketing (43 Lessons)
  • Transform Lives With Content & Community (11 Lessons)
  • Quick Bite Mini-Courses (12 Lessons)
  • 3 Days of SEO Bootcamp Video Replays
  • PLUS more in-depth SEO courses (210+ Lessons)
  • Live Training and Coaching Events Weekly