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Learn the Six Crucial Steps That Helped Me Build a Successful Freelance WordPress Business

  1. Do you have what it takes to freelance?
    Becoming a successful freelancer is more than just knowing how to ply your trade.
  2. Setting up your business.
    We’ll dip our toes in understanding business entity types, contracts, and insurance.
  3. Setting your prices.
    We’ll explore different pricing models and share how to calculate your rate.
  4. Finding new clients.
    Until you have referrals rolling in, we’ll talk about how to drum up new clients.
  5. Communication is key.
    Active communication with clients will increase happiness for you and your clients.
  6. Taking care of business.
    We’ll talk tactics for growing your business skills and working ON your business, not just in it.
Carrie Dils
Carrie Dils, Founder of The Fearless Freelancer®

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