Marketing Fundamentals

Marketing Fundamentals

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You’re great at what you do, but how well do you know how to market yourself? Marketing doesn’t have to be intimidating. In this course, you’ll get a crash course in marketing, specifically the aspects most important for freelancers, as well as create a tactical plan for your next marketing campaign.

Course time: 45 min (+ additional time for exercises)

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Course Content

1 Introduction (free preview)3 min 
2 Your focus2 min 
3 Your business goals3 min 
4 Your brand4 min 
5 Your online presence4 min 
6 Marketing funnel10 min 
7 30,000 foot view1 min 
8 Marketing strategy4 min 
9 Marketing channels5 min 
10 Marketing plan2 min 
11 Rinse, Repeat2 min 
12 Next steps1 min 
13 Downloads archive1 min 
14 Glossary2 min