Own your business like a boss.

Are you?


Are you working for “the man?” Are you great at what you do and pretty sure people would pay you to do it independently? Maybe so, but it’s risky to leave a salaried job.

Let me help you escape the cubicle and make the leap into full-time freelancing.


Running a business is no joke. You’ve made good headway with your creative or technical skills, but you know there are things you can do to be more effective.

Let me help you evolve your process so you can grow your business for years to come.

I can help you take that next step.

I believe you can make a good living doing work you love. 

Carrie Dils,
Founder of The Fearless Freelancer®

Carrie Dils, Founder of The Fearless Freelancer

Start with Freelancing Foundations.

  1. Up and Running with Your Freelance Business
  2. Finding Your Focus
  3. Marketing Fundamentals
  4. Communicating with Confidence
  5. Legal Matters

Who is The Fearless Freelancer for ?

You’re traditionally employed and want to make the leap into full-time freelancing
You’re self-employed and looking to learn the basic business principles to set you up for success

Ready to become a fearless freelancer?